Mark McElroy, Commercial Photographer

Mark McElroy, Commercial Photographer

Mark McElroy, Commercial Photographer 

     I am a commercial photographer based in the St. Louis MO area. I began my photography career by shooting landscapes for my personal collection and eventually moved into stock photography. Since January 2014, my stock images have been purchased and downloaded over 36,000 times. By creating in-demand images that people want, I have a long-lasting portfolio of stock images that I will continue to build on. 

    My experience with stock and wedding photography propelled me into the photography that I love the most, commercial photography. I enjoy the fast pace and technical aspect of the commercial shoot. My favorite aspect of shooting commercial photography is the technical aspect of lighting. Many times in commercial work, the scene or location is not ideal. I imagine beyond what's in front of me and use strobes, speed-lights, and ambient light to create unique images that stand out. 

     I have had the privilege of working with large corporations such as Explore St. Louis, The City Museum, St. Elizabeth's Hospital, and The National Blues Museum. My images have been published in the 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019 issues of the St. Louis Visitors Guide. I shot and edited the cover image for the 2019 issue of the St. Louis Visitors Guide. Other productions of my work include billboards, banners, flyers, inserts, and websites. Over the years, working in diverse areas of photography and with unique clientele, I have become adaptable to situations and acquired the technicle skills necessary for producing high quality, commercial images.   

     I would be happy to discuss your specific photography needs. Whether you are in the local St. Louis area or travel is required to work with you, I'm confident that we can produce the perfect commercial image or campaign for your company! 

      Phone: 618-980-3355

     Email: mark@mcelroycommercialphotography.com